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              Organizing Committee:

              劉克峰(主席) 戴文榮 方守文 孔德興 沈一兵 許洪偉 楊曉奎



              Speakers and Titles:

              曹道民(中科院數學院) Infinitely Many Solutions for an Elliptic Problem Involving Critical Nonlinearity
              程新躍(重慶工學院) (α, β)-Metrics with Isotropic S-Curvature
              戴文榮(浙江大學) Asymptotic Behavior of Global Classical Solutions to Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems
              傅海平(浙江大學) Vanishing and Topological Sphere Theorems for Submanifolds in a Hyperbolic Space
              何春蕾(上海交大) Generalized Ricci flow: Local existence and uniqueness
              洪家興(復旦大學) Boundary Problem for Isometric Embedding of Positive Disks in 3
              胡 森(中國科大) On Supergravity and Geometrization of Four Dimensional Manifolds
              黃飛敏(中科院數學院) Contact Discontinuities for Gas Motion
              孔德興(上海交大) Nonlinear Dynamics of Relativistic Strings Moving in Minkowski Space 1
              李本伶(浙江大學) A Class of Projectively Flat Finsler Metrics with Constant Flag Curvature
              李 逸(浙江大學) A New Simple Proof of the λg Conjecture and Witten Conjecture
              劉克峰(浙大、UCLA) Hyperbolic Geometric Flow
              馬 力(清華大學) Ricci Solitons and Related
              潘生亮(華東師大) Reverse Isoperimetric Inequalities in the Plane
              沈一兵(浙江大學) On Complex Finsler Manifolds
              盛為民(浙江大學) High Order Yamabe Equation and Its Admissibility
              孫曉峰(里海大學) Good Geometry on the Curve Moduli
              王 偉(浙江大學) Covariant Differential Operators in Parabolic Geometry
              王友德(中科院數學院) Bubbling Location of F-harmonic maps
              吳 超(浙江大學) On the Asymptotic Behavior for Singularities of the Powers of Mean Curvature Flow
              徐 浩(浙江大學) Intersection Numbers on the Moduli Space of Curves
              許洪偉(浙江大學) Topological Sphere Theorems
              楊曉奎(浙江大學) Manifolds with ample anti-canonical line bundles
              丘成桐(哈佛、浙大) Public Lecture (TBA)
              於耀勇(浙江大學) On Projectively Flat Finsler Metrics
              張 希(浙江大學) Special Metrics in Complex Geometry
              周 憶(復旦大學) The Initial Boundary Value Problem for the Equation of Time-like Extremal Surface in Minkowski Space
              朱熹平(中山大學) Complete Noncompact Kaehler Manifolds with Positive Bisectional Curvature
              許德良(上海交大) Global existence of the heat flow for H-systems in higher dimensions

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