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              Place CMS-201

              Organizing Committee

              Yunmei Chen (University of Florida)

              De-Xing Kong (Zhejiang University)

              Kefeng Liu (Zhejiang University and UCLA)

              Hongwei Xu (Zhejiang University)

              Contact Qing-You Sun

               tel: 13186965762

               email: q_y_sun@126.com



              June 13

              09:00-10:00 am

              Huafeng Liu (Zhejiang University)

              Reconstruction of PET Images : State Space Model

              10:30-11:30 am

              Pengcheng Shi (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)

              Afternoon: Free Discussion


              June 14

              08:30-09:30 am

              Yunmei Chen (University of Florida)

              An Overview of Active Contour Using Region Statistics For Image Segmentation

              09:45-10:45 am

                   Chunli Shen (East China Normal University)

              Some New Results on Image Processing

              11:00-12:00 am

              Zuowei Shen (National University of Singapore)

              Unitary Extension Principle 20 Years After

              Afternoon: Free Discussion


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