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            1. Center of Mathematical Sciences, Zhejiang University  
              Perspectives and open problems in geometric analysis, I.

              Time:July 6 to 11, 2009

              Venue: Center of Mathematical Sciences, Zhejiang University,Hangzhou

              CMS, room 501


              Lizhen Ji, Univ of Michigan
              Kefeng Liu, Zhejiang Univ & UCLA
              Jiaping Wang, Univ of Minnesota
              Shing-Tung Yau, Harvard& Zhejiang Univ

              Local Organizers:

              Weimin Sheng,Zhejiang Univ
              Hongwei Xu,Zhejiang Univ

              Speakers :

              Mark Ashbaugh, Univ of Missouri
              Qingming Cheng, Saga University
              Alexander Grigoryan, Universitat Bielefeld
              Fanghua Lin, Courant Institute
              Zhiqin Lu, UC Irvine
              Nikolai Nadirashvili,Universite d'Aix-Marseille I
              Lei Ni, UC San Diego
              Richard Schoen, Stanford University
              Yibin Shen, Zhejiang Univ
              Zhongmin Shen, Indiana University-Purdue Univ
              Weimin Sheng, Zhejiang Univ
              Jiaping Wang, Univ of Minnesota
              Qiaoling Wang,Universidade de Brasília, Brazil
              Changyu Xia,Universidade de Brasília, Brazil
              Hongwei Xu,Zhejiang Univ
              Shing-Tung Yau, Harvard Univ
              Weiping Zhang,Nankai Univ, Chern Inst
              Steve Zelditch, Johns Hopkins Univ


              Geometric Analysis has experienced phenomenal development for over thirty years with far reaching impact on various aspects of mathematics and beyond. An overview from broad perspective of this exciting field will not only serve as a yardstick for many of the achievements, it will also without doubt benefit the discussion of its future course.

              To this end, a series of workshops will be organized. Each workshop will center around some specific topics in geometric analysis. Experts will be invited to give series of expository lectures on important results and open problems.In this workshop, the first in a series, the topics are function theory and spectral theory of Riemannian manifolds. It will be held from July 6, 2009 to July 11, 2009 at the Center of Mathematical Sciences of the Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China.

              For more information,please contact Prof.Weiming Sheng:shengweimin@zju.edu.cn





              Address: Mailbox 1511, Center of Mathematical Sciences
              Zhejiang University Hangzhou 310027, China
              Phone: 0086-571-87953030,87953108 Fax: 0086-571-87953035,87953135