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            1. 浙江大學2011幾何研討會

              2011-10-20 來源:數學科學研究中心






              Zhejiang University 2011 Geometry Workshop

              October 19-23, 2011, Hangzhou, China


              Scientific Committee:

              Kefeng Liu, Hongwei Xu, Yanlin Yu, Fangyang Zheng



              Oct. 19, arriving

              Oct. 20, group discussion

              Oct. 21, 9:00-10:00 松林: 于主叢聯絡的一點思考。

              10:30-11:30 : Finiteness of integral points in relative moduli spaces of the one-holed torus

                      2:00-3:00 王宏玉: On closed almost complex 4-manifolds

                      3:30-4:30 朱琳: 微分式的旋量結構。

              Oct. 22, 9:00-10:00 
              吳發: Non-existence of quadratic harmonic

                                  maps of S^4 into S^5 or S^6 

              10:30-11:30: Pauli matrices and Wu-basis

              2:30-3:30 長青: A constant rank theorem for level sets of immersed hypersurfaces in R^(n+1) with prescribed mean curvature

              3:0-4:30 虞言林: TBA

              Oct. 23, group discussion and departure


              Seminar room: CMS 202

              Contact: Fangyang Zheng (zfy@cms.zju.edu.cn)