Shanxi yongxinsheng Forging Co., Ltd. enters the national export flange forging quality and safety demonstration area.

2018-06-12 18:18:17 YXS 32

Shanxi yongxinsheng Forging Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that enters the "national quality and safety demonstration zone for flanged forgings at the national level". The export of enterprise products will enter the "green channel", the products not only give priority to the inspection, but also shorten the lag time, reduce the export operation cost, and to a certain extent enhance the competitiveness of the products in the international market.


Good product quality is the cornerstone of enterprise's fierce market competition. Over the years, in order to create a good product quality and brand reputation, the company has continuously optimized the product quality management system and vigorously enhanced its own inspection capability. At the same time, the enterprises vigorously implement the export-oriented strategy, actively open up the international market, and have established a cooperative relationship with South Korea, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Africa, Germany, Australia, Europe and other multinational companies.