Which one is good for wheel forgings?

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Walking mechanism, also known as "road mechanism", is a part of the chassis of automobiles or tractors, generally including frame, front axle, rear axle, suspension system and wheel structure. The wheel is the part of the walking mechanism that directly contacts the road surface, which is called the wheeled walking mechanism. In addition, there are several kinds of semi-caterpillar walking mechanism, wheel-caterpillar walking mechanism and caterpillar walking mechanism. The semi-caterpillar walking mechanism is equipped with wheels or skids on the front axle and crawlers on the rear axle. It is mainly used in snow or swamp areas. Wheel-track walking mechanism has interchangeable wheels and tracks. The traveling mechanism of tracked tractor consists of suspension system and tracked traveler.

Walking mechanism is an important executive component of walking robot. It consists of driving device, driving mechanism, position detection element, sensor, cable and pipeline. On the one hand, the walking mechanism supports the body, arm and hand of the robot, so it must have enough stiffness and stability; on the other hand, it also needs to realize the movement of the robot in a wider space according to the requirements of the task.

According to its trajectory, the walking mechanism can be divided into fixed trajectory type and non-fixed trajectory type. Fixed trajectory walking mechanism is mainly used for industrial robots, such as beam robots. According to its structural characteristics, the non-fixed trajectory walking mechanism can be divided into wheeled walking mechanism, caterpillar walking mechanism and articulated walking mechanism. In the course of traveling, the first two kinds of walking mechanisms are in continuous contact with the ground. They are in the form of running vehicles and are widely used. They are generally used in field and large-scale work occasions, and they are mature. The latter is in intermittent contact with the ground, which is the leg-foot type of animals. This kind of mechanism is being developed and perfected.

The traveling mechanism includes the traveling of the whole crane and the traveling of the lifting mechanism components. In addition to the GD2 of its load and the resistance of its movement, the factors that increase the friction torque due to the gradient of the walking route and the influence of wind and rain when walking outdoors should also be considered. In addition to the friction torque determined by the motion resistance, the power of the walking mechanism should also consider the required torque during acceleration and deceleration. This torque is bigger than the static one. Its purpose is to reduce the acceleration and deceleration time and improve the operation efficiency.

Generally, large-scale drilling rigs use crawler-type walking mechanism, small-scale drilling rigs use tire-type walking mechanism, and mining rigs use crawler-type walking mechanism mostly. In order to make the drilling rig more flexible when walking, each crawler should adopt a separate driving device. Especially for small rotary drilling rigs, oil motors are used to drive them independently in foreign countries, and some drilling rigs are driven by motors independently. Tyre drilling rig can play a better role in mining dispersed small ore bodies. Crawler drilling rig is mostly used in stopes with long working time and relatively fixed working face. There are also some small rotary drilling rigs whose platform can be fully rotated in order to save the auxiliary operation time of hole displacement. Most drilling rigs travel at speeds ranging from 1.2 km/h to 2.8 km/h, with climbing capacity ranging from 10 to 15 and ground specific pressure less than 1. For different opencast mines, crawler boards of different widths can be selected.

The multi-rail multi-wheel walking mechanism consists of one or two ordinary wheel-rail walking devices in each plane which needs to be restrained. These wheels are walking wheels, guiding wheels and anti-floating wheels. The wheels arranged in the main direction of force are called walking wheels, and the wheels opposite to the walking wheels in the same plane are anti-floating wheels, while the wheels in the vertical plane are guiding wheels. Sometimes the guide wheel also has some functions of the walking wheel. In the wheel drive mode, the walking wheel is the driving wheel, and the other wheels are driven wheels.

Multi-track and multi-wheel walking mechanism is suitable for large-span and large-scale mobile roof system. The rigidity, strength and scale of track trough and its supporting structure are very large because of the need to lay wheel and rail in the track trough of four directions in the vertical walking direction and the space for mechanical maintenance.

Apart from the partitioned open and close roofs, the multi-rail and multi-wheel walking mechanism is suitable for all kinds of rigid roof partitioning methods.