Performance analysis of forged butt-welded flanges

2019-03-11 10:49:11 5

In the current industrial production field, forged flanges are believed to be unfamiliar to most people, because forged flange products are very effective in applications, without leakage and pipe blockage. Even forged flange products have good corrosion resistance. So, do you know the conceptual performance of this product soldering? If you don't know, let's see how the following is introduced.

    Butt-welded flanges, also known as split flanges, are one type of flange. The surfacing flange is not easy to be deformed, the sealing performance is also very good, the application is also very extensive, and there are corresponding requirements of rigidity and elasticity. The distance of the welding joint from the joint surface is relatively large, so that the joint surface is protected from the welding temperature. Deformation. Butt weld flanges are generally suitable for the connection of pipes and valves with a PN greater than 2.5MPA. They are also often used to transport media pipes that are more expensive or flammable and explosive, because the performance is much better than the average flange performance.

In pipeline engineering, the use of flanged joints between pipelines is very common. When it is more important to connect together or relatively more important and more expensive pipelines, the form of surfacing is usually chosen. The flange is connected because the process of the surfacing flange itself is complicated, and the cost is relatively high, and the performance is better than the general flange, and it is suitable for the key parts.

    Butt-welded forged flanges are disc-shaped parts that play a very important role in the link of pipeline engineering. The flanges are usually used in pairs. In the engineering of pipelines, the welding flanges are mainly used. For the link of the pipe, install the flange on both ends or one end of the pipe to be linked. If it is a low pressure pipe, you can select the applicable wire flange.

    If the pressure exceeds four kilograms, you should choose to use welded forged flanges, seals between the two flanges, and then tighten with bolts. Different pressure flanges have unused thickness, so The thickness of the flange is selected by suitable bolts. When the valve and the water pump are connected to the pipeline, the parts of these equipments will also have corresponding flange-shaped flanges. This form can also be called flange connection.