Control of documents and materials when forging forgings and inspection of forgings

2019-03-25 15:50:27 4

Today we will take a look at the control of documents and materials and the inspection of forgings when forging forgings.

Essential technical documents

Forgings production should have technical drawings such as parts drawings, forgings drawings, process drawings, mold drawings, technical standards, production specifications, and process specifications.

Technical documentation requirements

1. The content of technical documents should be accurate, concise, easy to understand and logical, and should meet the requirements of standardization. All technical documents must be unified and complete.

2. All technical documents shall be validated after being signed and approved according to the prescribed procedures. If the technical documents are changed, the approval process is the same as the approval process of the original documents.

3. All technical documents should be classified and archived.

Original record

All technical records such as original records, process parameters and test reports should be filed. The shelf life depends on the importance of the forgings, usually within 1~10 years.

Forging inspection - process inspection

1. Each batch of forgings must be subjected to the “first three inspections” system, and the products can be officially put into production after passing the inspection. Strict implementation of self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection in production.

2. The process inspector shall carry out a patrol inspection on the production site, monitor the temperature control of the forging furnace and the forging operation, and regularly check the outer dimensions and surface quality of the forgings.

3. After the forging (or blank) has passed the inspection, the inspector should sign the process card or the recording card before transferring to the next process.

Forging inspection - forging final inspection

1. Final inspection of die forgings shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of forging drawings and contracts.

2. The final inspection of free forgings shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations such as forging drawings and contracts.

3. Mark the inspection mark (or label) or other mark on the specified forging part.

Qualified product

The certificate of conformity shall be filled out and issued by the inspection department according to relevant technical standards or contract requirements.

unqualified products

Forgings that are confirmed to be unqualified by inspection by the inspection department shall be stored in isolation and disposed of by the non-conforming product handling organization of the quality assurance system.