Analysis and determination of forging gear forging process plan

2019-03-27 12:01:09 5

The economic effect can be identified from the comparison. The technical and economic effects are carried out using a comparative method. When comparing process schemes, there may be more than two schemes. In order to make the conclusions of the analysis correct and reliable, an exhaustive method is used to enumerate possible schemes or alternative schemes. To this end, it is necessary to conduct so-called process analysis, explore a variety of process plans, and prepare conditions for technical and economic analysis and selection of good process plans.

The task of forging gear process analysis can be summarized as: according to the functional characteristics, material, shape, dimensional accuracy, quality requirements and production batch of the forged gear, in the existing or available equipment, devices, tools, energy, inspection means, management Under the conditions of level and personnel quality, various process options are proposed.

When conducting a process analysis, the following questions must be considered and answered:

       1. Can you meet the function of forged gears;

       2. Can you meet the technical conditions and quality standards of the drawings;

       3. Whether the forged gear structure is reasonable and whether there is any excess dressing;

       4. Whether the machining allowance can be reduced;

       5. Whether the deformation force or deformation function is reduced;

       6. Whether the metal streamline meets the requirements;

       7. There is no omission in the process of ensuring quality;

       8. Whether the process and work steps are already small;

       9. Whether the material utilization is sufficient, whether it is possible to jointly forge with other forgings, multiple pieces or multiple pieces;

       10. Have you considered advanced processes such as cold forging, precision forging, pendulum rolling, partial die forging, segment die forging, joint die forging, and forging welding.