The importance of improving the level of heat treatment and forging equipment

2019-03-28 10:55:21 6

During the forging process, the level of heat treatment and forging process and equipment directly affects the quality of forgings. As China's forging industry changes from a large producing country to a world power, the requirements for heat treatment and forging equipment are becoming more and more demanding. High, if the status quo is not changed as soon as possible, it will form certain constraints and influence on the development of the forging industry. At present, the performance of China's forging industry heat treatment equipment level does not meet the requirements of the new situation is:

1. Advanced and backward coexist. Due to financial and conceptual reasons, advanced equipment in China's forging industry heat treatment equipment, only about 40%, the overall level is far behind Japan, the United Kingdom, Sweden and other countries.

2. Annealing equipment rarely uses a protective atmosphere. A considerable number of manufacturers still use trolleys, strip furnaces, and even coal-fired furnaces, resulting in waste of materials, reduced labor productivity in subsequent processing, and serious environmental pollution.

 3. The heat treatment quenching and tempering automatic production line lacks the furnace atmosphere detection and control system and the secondary cooling device, and the ferrule deformation relies on manual detection.

 4. The protective atmosphere is mainly drip-type atmosphere, and a small number of manufacturers use nitrogen-based atmosphere, which has high production cost and serious environmental pollution.

5. Low thermal efficiency and high energy consumption.

Therefore, in order not to affect the quality of forgings, we should improve the level of heat treatment and forging equipment as soon as possible, and promote the development of forging processing.